“Where do you find an affordable masterpiece?
Ask Ed Koehler to come to your home to create a collaborative piece for your needed space.  Our “Windy Mangroves”, literally, brings out spontaneous utterances of praise from EVERY person who enters our home. Initially, its size and impact grabs your attention and, then, upon closer inspection, its beauty and fine, detailed craftsmanship demands your respect. Plumbers, electricians, children, art gallery owners, designers all stop in their tracks to take it in. Their words vary, but the message is the same; they have never seen a work of art, in person, so unique and so special.

Thank you, Ed, for the creative experience;  the pleasure of getting to know you and your family and, of course, for bringing such beauty into our home.”


Lisa W.

Marco Island Fl

“With a deep respect for nature, a spirit of fun, a masterful artistry, and even a sense of the practical, Ed opens his clients’ eyes to creative possibilities. His endless energy and collaboritive listening enable him to take the most mundane space and the simplest ideas and combine them into a magical solution. Weather it be a turtle shell, a huge glowing vine, or a leaf chair, every piece is unique in its reflection of the environment, the sensibilities of the client, and Eds’s artistic vision.”


Client in the heart of Naples Fl

“Ed Koehler is a pure joy to do business with. I purchased two of his wall sconces and they are absolutely stunning. He is a master artist. Ed walked me through every phase of the order; from the purchase, his timeframe on completion, to packaging, shipping, and delivery.  100% from start to finish job was completed as he said. And of course not to mention the pure beauty of his art. I would give him a 10 plus rating if possible!”


Denise W.

“What can I say about Ed.  He is an artist with boundless energy and creativity, sometimes you have to remain him in a little!  He can be a little gruff around the edges but get ready for a fun and wild ride.  His pieces are so creative and imaginative.  It has been a fun journey collaborating with Ed over the years and coming up with playful pieces that my clients always love.”


Karen Cabral

Cabral Designs

“We were first introduced to Ed Koehler’s work in Florida Design magazine.  We were impressed with his website and were fortunate enough to see his work installed in a Resturant near us.  His enthusiastic response when we contacted him was impressive.  Ed is personable, easy to work with, and amazingly talented.  He brings nature to life, creatively designed and sculptured from his experience growing up on the water.  We are excited about every treasure he has created for us.


Betsy and Newton Thomas

Personal Client

“We at Judith Liegeois Designs, have worked in collaboration with Ed Koehler for more than 10 years.  Brainstorming, designing and creating are just a few of his many strengths.  He has transformed every idea into a uniquely beautiful work of art, with strong references to the natural world.  Ed has a good understanding of both the technical and the artistic side of our requests for custom work.


Each client is enchanted by his individually designed lighting and sculptural furnishings for walls, tables and seating.  Our ongoing realationshipo continues to develop, as we can always count on Ed to come through with an excellent creation.”


Judith Liegeois

Judith Liegeois Designs

“Ed Koehler is a fabulous artist, with a long list of accomplishments.  He has brilliant perspective of transforming furniture pieces to art.  My company, Jalan Jalan Collection, Inc., located in the Miami Design District has been representing his work for over 7 years and each piece he presents to us is creative and beautiful.  They are sought after artistic designs that work well in any decor.  We are honored to show his work.”


Scott K Parker


Jalan Jalan Collection, Inc.

“It has always been a pleasure to work with Ed Koehler.  He is so creativer and has such passion about his work.  Ed knows how to look at space, listen to the client or designer and create a beautiful piece of art that has its own personality and compliments the overall design.”


Lisa Ficarra


Ficarra Design

“Working with Ed has been a pleasure.  He is brilliant at what he does.  Every sculpture he creates is an extraction of his personality.  His excitement and enthusiasm is contagious.  He’s a true artist and a great person to work with.”



Personal Client

“When I first met Ed, I was so taken with his passion and energy.  We connected right away and I commissioned him to do one of his amazing trees on my wall.  It was stunning.  I have done a few more projects with him since that time, including my show stopping mailboxes, which are the talk of the neighborhood.  Anytime i have an empty space, I think of him.  He is always generous with his time and ideas.  He works with me to insure that the pieces represent my personality.  I am always happy to show off his work in my home and to pass his name on so that others can enjoy his magnificent work.”



Personal Client

“Ed Koehler is an artist extraordinaire.  His vibrant sculptures and paintings reflect a rhythm and pattern that distinguishes him and his sophisticated yet organic style.  Drawing upon his background as a Boat Captain and his military service, he brings a discipline to his creative genius.  As an admirer and collector of his work, Ed’s art makes a house a home.  There is nothing that brings me more joy than sharing his bold talent with my family, friends and clients.”


Kristen Williams

KW Design & Development

“Working with Ed has been an absolute pleasure. His vision and creativity are absolutely amazing. He has an exceptional ability to grasp a concept and expand it into living work of art. I have truly never worked with someone as talented and who has such a command of the mediums they work with. Our clients are continuously thrilled with his work and are constantly looking for more. It’s an honor to have such incredible artist and kind, caring person turning our visions into reality.”


Chris Hylemon

Hyland Custom Cabinetry